PowerShell Introduction

Introduction: WindowsPowerShell is an enormously accomplished command line tool. PowerShell is being used to automate system administration activities, for example application deployment, maintenance, configuration and management of Windows features and seamlessly use with batch files.

Windows PowerShell is developed on the top of the .Net Framework which helps to invoke the .Net class objects and use it in PowerShell. PowerShell supports various modules to make the Windows administrations never like before. PowerShell’s cmdlet or command-let is a built function. There are numerous cmdlets which are used with built in function or cmdlet to simplify the complex process.

What is PowerShell Core: This is an extension to Windows PowerShell. PowerShell Core is developed using .Net Core. PowerShell Core is cross-platform command line tool which supports Windows, Mac and Linux. The current version of PowerShell Core is 6.

How to Start PowerShell: Below are the ways to start the PowerShell on the Windows Machines. It is always good to run PowerShell as Admin.

  1. Press Windows Start icon, type PowerShell and choose icon Windows PowerShell.
  2. Press Windows + R, type PowerShell and hit Enter to open the PowerShell.

How to use in-built PowerShell Help: PowerShell has a Get-Help function which provides documentation, syntax, command parameter details by just pass the command name. Run the command Get-Help Get-Help to get complete details about the Get-Help. This function is extremely useful to get the details about the PowerShell functions. Get-Help common usages: Get-Help basic commands are listed below.


How to get basic detailsGet-Help Get-Item
How to get Full detailsGet-Help Get-Item -Detailed
Get-Help Get-Item -Full
How to get Specific informationGet-Help Get-Item -Examples
Get-Help Get-Item -Parameter GroupBy
Get-Help Get-Item -Parameter *
How to open online helpGet-Help Get-Item -Online
How to search all the topics with given nameGet-Help Azure
How to display list of available topicsGet-Help *

Conclusion: Windows PowerShell can be used to automate manual tasks by using commands or group of logical commands. PowerShell modules like Active Directory, Azure RM can be downloaded from the internet because these does not come with PowerShell installation.

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