Operators in PowerShell

Introduction: Windows PowerShell supports all operators which are supported by any programming or scripting language. Operators are responsible for manipulating the values to get the desired output. Types of Operators: Powershell supports an exhaustive list of operators and, frequently used operators are listed but are not limited. Arithmetic Operators Assignment Operators Comparison Operators Logical Operators... Continue Reading →

Variables in PowerShell

Introduction: Windows PowerShell’s variables hold any type of values while executing the commands. The variables store the result from a command, function, and expression. Variables are declared using $ sign before the variable name. Ex. $age, $date_of_birth. How to Define PowerShell Variables: PowerShell variables can be defined as below Define and assign value: $age =... Continue Reading →

PowerShell Introduction

Introduction: WindowsPowerShell is an enormously accomplished command line tool. PowerShell is being used to automate system administration activities, for example application deployment, maintenance, configuration and management of Windows features and seamlessly use with batch files. Windows PowerShell is developed on the top of the .Net Framework which helps to invoke the .Net class objects and... Continue Reading →

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