List of Managed Identity Services in Azure

Managed identities, System or User identity, allow access to Azure resources that support AAD Authentication without managing credentials. These identities are managed in Azure Active Directory automatically. It is a great feature from the security perspective because credentials are not maintained anywhere. Managed identities can be used without any additional cost. Managed identies are of... Continue Reading →

List of Auto Scaling Services in Azure

What is Autoscale Provides resources to handle the load on your application Saves money by removing resources when not in use. Scales horizontally i.e. increase or decrease number of VM instances and more flexible in cloud environment. Two ways to trigger the autoscale for the supported services and these are Matrix-Based and Time-Based rules. Autoscaling... Continue Reading →

Overview of Azure Resource Mover Service

The Azure Resource Mover is a dedicated service to move resources seemlessly. Currently, the service supports three ways to move resource, though it depends on business requirement which one to choose. The supported options are :- Move resources to another subscription Move resources to another resource group Move resources to another region The post will... Continue Reading →

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